Shannon Marie Schacht Works

Shannon Marie Schacht

Shannon Marie is a professional wildlife artist residing in Jackson Hole, Wyoming; her creativity is inspired daily by the beauty of her surroundings. Her portrayal of wildlife is a combination of contemporary and traditional styles, creating a unique tension between the dramatic and the intimate that brings her work to life. Shannon’s artwork reflects her deep connection with animals, and she works hard at creating these visions with each brush stroke. 

As a self-taught artist, she takes pride in learning her own techniques through trial & error, along with lots of motivation, patience and hard work. Her collection of work can be seen at numerous galleries and locations around the country. Shannon’s deep love of the Jackson community has led her to donate paintings to local charities such as the annual St. Johns Hospital Spring Fling, Art for Orphans, Tuxes & Tails Gala, Animal Adoption Center fundraiser, The WhoDunnit, The Art of Love Plate Auction, and many more.