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R .C. Jones



RC Jones and his family live on the high plains of southwestern Wyoming. His love of art stems from early childhood, drawing cartoons as early as 5 years old. RC is from the old school of art, that is to say, miles on the brush and fellowships with other leading and modern masters of western art. He has studied such classic artists as C.M. Russell and Frederic Remington as well as contemporary artists Frank McCarthy and Howard Terpning. His studies and discipline span throughout the west and southwestern cultures. His works vary from majestic settings, scenic vistas, historic places, and depictions of the old west and those of its heritage.

The grandson of a Cherokee, RC has a personal desire to capture the Old West. His labor of love continues to delight collectors and an ever growing audience across the United States and over a dozen countries. His talents have secured numerous top honors including Best of Show and People’s choice awards in a multitude of competitions and prestigious Western Art Shows and Quick Draws.