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Karl Lansing

Karl Lansing was raised in the majestic Northern Rockies of his native British Columbia. Since the age of 11, Karl has been a taxidermist and involved in the outfitting and guide business. He truly knows his subjects inside and out.

When Lansing was laid off from his job in the mines in the Kootenay Region of British Columbia in the early 1990's, he decided to try to earn a living from his art. He tackled two things he felt were missing in other sculptors' work: anatomical correctness and realistic detail. When someone views a Lansing piece, they can almost hear the bugle of the elk, or feel the breath of the great bighorn ram, or sense the trotting gait of the magnificent moose. Life-like realism, is Karl's trademark and it is just the way he works. To him a sculpture is not complete until you can feel its presence.